What is 5G? The possibilities and the new 5G mobile radio standards

What is 5G? The possibilities and the new 5G mobile radio standards

5G technology has been the most talked about lately. 5G is the restructuring of the technological infrastructure in the cellular networks used by mobile phones with new rules. In this context, we can talk about changes in the way radio frequencies, processors and antennas are used, and new additions to increase capacity.

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Since the 1970s, different components engineers have agreed on standards for the construction of cellular networks and cooperate in infrastructure. Communication devices are also produced in accordance with this infrastructure standard. Codes and materials of these options are being changed in order to provide more efficiency and better service in the light of technologies in approximately 10 countries.

5G means changing this infrastructure for the 5th time. Of course, every time this infrastructure changes, consumers need to buy new devices. Since the change was not too fast in the past, the transition period was spanning many years. However, the time interval for infrastructure changes has started to shorten today.

You can go to the relevant link to see 5G locations live. OOKLA 5G MAP

How fast is 5G?

The answer to this question will vary depending on where you live, which service operator you use, and when you decide to board the 5G train. But the answer is simple: very fast.

4,5 Qualit company announced that the tests reached 4.5 gigabits per second, but this is the highest speed achieved. The average speed is stated to be 1.4 gigabits per second, which is 20 times faster than the fastest 4G communication available. It will take 15 seconds.

If you reach 4 or 5 gigabit speeds, you will have 100 times faster communication power than now and use ‘play’ instead of ‘download’ button. It may not take a minute to download the entire season and episodes of a TV series.

The lag time required for loading websites will also decrease dramatically. If you need a site, you have to go through different service providers and physical centers. Today, delays of 50 to 100 milliseconds are considered normal. With 5G, which includes new technologies in this area, the delay time will decrease to a few milliseconds.

When will 5G service be started?

The most prominent technological feature in the latest smartphone promotions held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain was that it supports the latest generation communication power of 5 devices, data and internet connection. However, there is no place where you can get this service yet. So there is little point in rushing to get 5G devices.

It is planned to come into service in the USA from the second half of 2019, but there is no exact date. Moreover, not only in the entire USA, but in certain cities and to begin. The United States will follow England, Germany, Switzerland, China, South Korea and Australia.

London excludes Huawei from the expansion of the 5G network. You can click on the article to read our related article.

What are the risks of 5G?

According to Salaets, we will be able to start using the 5G service between 2020 and 2022, and this technology, like any technology, has some risks. Salaets describes those risks as follows:

“5G requires hundreds of thousands of new antennas and base stations. There are a lot of people concerned about its long-term effects on our health. In addition, 5G has higher security risks compared to the previous 4G because there are more backdoor applications and vulnerabilities.”

5G V 4G

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4G: 4G, which we define as 4th generation wireless communication technology, aims to offer more speed and better user experience compared to the previous generation wireless technology, 3G.

4G will offer the ability to connect to the internet faster with available smartphones, and to stream more seamlessly and with higher image quality with YouTube and Periscope. In addition, 4G aims for a very good user experience.

5G: 5G means high speed … First of all, 5G will be the basis of 8K video streaming, which is expected to enter our lives more in the future and will replace 4K. However, even though the TVs that will use this resolution are quite few and expensive, we understand that we will not have to wait for a few more years for the 5G change on this side when we think (for now) that the phones will not support this technology.

The speed provided by 5G will multiply the file transfer rate. It will take only seconds to download the 1.5 GB PUBG to the phone. It sounds like a very ambitious sentence; but with 5G this speed is perfectly normal.

Online gaming experience will gain importance. Google Stadia platform and examples will increase more. So while we are playing games, we will not deal with downloading games to the console anymore, or the updates will not be a problem for us. Because we will have the chance to experience the games by connecting directly to the server.

The quality and quantity of live broadcasts will increase. We will no longer have to follow bad broadcasts; Since 5G provides this speed, we will see high resolution.