Tıps for Begınners In Blog: How Will My Blog Be Successful?

Tıps for Begınners In Blog: How Will My Blog Be Successful?

After receiving countless emails with questions about creating a blog over the past few years, I would like to share a few general tips and experiences from the past seven years with you.

1- First of all, the question “What do I want to write about?” I want to be honest: the market is very well covered, especially in the fashion sector. There are countless fashion blogs. “Just start blogging and become successful” may have worked a few years ago (and only in some cases), but is very, very difficult these days. You need a lot of ambition and perseverance. I recommend considering a concept beforehand, something that sets the blog apart from others. What am I doing differently from the others? How can I stand out? In which area do I have special know-how that I would like to pass on? Find your niche! And, I can only emphasize once again: bring a lot of stamina! I was also incredibly happy when five readers suddenly became 20 a day. From nothing, comes nothing. Many loyal readers have to work hard.

2- The name: What should my blog actually be called? My tip: choose a name that everyone can remember well, who stays in the ear. At best short and crisp and easy to spell.

3- Another question: “Why do I want to blog?” And the answer should never be “I want to earn money, be invited to events, sit in the front row at a fashion show and get goodie bags”, but “I want mine Share passion for a specific topic with my readers! ”. Of course, you can have the goal in mind and work towards making a living out of this hobby, but it’s a very long and very hard way to get there.

4- The provider: The two best-known providers are WordPress and Blogger (Do you remember that a lot of blogs ended with a few years ago?). I was at WordPress from the beginning and would always recommend this provider. Almost all bloggers who started with Blogger have now moved to WordPress. The platform offers many more options. In principle, you can create your blog for free on in no time and start blogging right away. You are simply guided through the program and do not need a lot of know-how.

5- Hosting and your own domain: If you want to develop the blog further, it is worth buying a hosting package. Incidentally, I personally use Hosteurope right from the start, bought my domains there in 2009. In addition to, I have also secured, and A huge advantage when buying a domain: at the end of the blog name there is not the addition as in the free version. Hosteurope offers special WordPress hosting packages, the cheapest one costs just under 10 euros a month. You also have significantly more options to customize the blog. WordPress can still be used as a CMS (Content Management System), but the blog can be designed as you wish. However, you need know-how to design an individual blog. HTML is a foreign word? Find a web developer who will implement your blog ideas with you!

6- Expert help: If you want to run a professional blog from the start, you shouldn’t be afraid to get one or two experts on board. For example, a designer who creates a logo or a nice header and said web developer who implements all ideas of a nice and functional blog.

7- Regularity: an incredibly important point. Before starting the blog, you should think carefully: “How often can I blog?”. In the past few years, I’ve seen so many blogs that started with one post a day and suddenly got filled with news only every two weeks. Regularity is very important to keep your readers! You don’t have to blog every day, even if a new post goes online every second or third day, readers are happy about regular, new reading material.

8- Spelling: Something that is very, very important to me personally when reading. Nothing disturbs more than five mistakes in one sentence. Sure, one or two typing errors can happen every now and then, and there are in every book. Spelling is important. Always read the text a second or third time. Are you unsure? Ask someone around you to reread the text. I, too, regularly send long texts to my father, who, as a former German teacher, repeatedly discovers mistakes that I didn’t even notice when I read them a second time.

9- Good pictures: Especially with the extremely large competition and all the high quality pictures on the well-known blogs, good pictures are very important. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive camera, but you should take great pains to take the pictures. Because a blog with blurry, unsightly pictures is quickly clicked away by readers and potential cooperation partners. At this point another tip regarding pictures: Never, never NEVER just google pictures and use them on the blog. This is forbidden and the anger about the warning is great. One of the first rules that I was taught when working in an online editorial office.

10- Social media: Of course, your blog should also become better known. Different social media channels are a big help. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are still the most important!

11- SEO: Google is also not to be underestimated and an important source to win readers for your blog. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the magic word here. Google for SEO tips and you’ll find lots of expert lists. A few easy-to-implement tips: Include the most important keywords in your heading, link to older, thematically relevant articles within the blog and regularly bring new content.

12- Networking: Write comments on other blogs, visit events (for example, the FashionBloggerCafé from styleranking in Berlin is a nice opportunity to make contacts with other bloggers) and ask blogger friends to include you in their blogroll. No Go’s: Comment two words under each article on another blog, but the links to the blog and all social media channels. Comments are also there to leave honest feedback and not just to promote your own blog.

13- Last but not least, there are some rules that you should also observe in life: stay true to yourself! Be reliable! Stick to deadlines! Be honest with your readers! And: have fun with what you do!