What causes kidney stones? Symptoms and treatment

What causes kidney stones? Symptoms and treatment

Factors such as not getting enough fluids during the day, genetic factors, family history, age, gender, race, little movement or immobility and diet are the main causes of kidney stone disease. Kidney stone disease mostly occurs between the ages of 30-50. People who have previously formed kidney stones are more likely to form kidney stones again. Recurrent kidney stones can be seen in people who have formed kidney stones especially before the age of 25.

How is kidney stone treated?

Medical Treatment: The vast majority of stones up to 5 mm can be reduced with pain relief, antispasmodic drug treatment and abundant fluid intake. The larger the size of the stone, the less likely to drop without intervention.

kidney stone treatment

ESWL: Breaking stones from outside the body with shock waves

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL): It is a current method applied when the stone in the kidney is larger than 2 cm or when it cannot be broken with ESWL. Under general anesthesia, the stones are removed as a whole or broken and taken out of the same path by entering into the kidney through a path created through a 1 cm incision in the waist region. In percutaneous nephrolithotomy surgery, which is an endoscopic, closed surgery method, the images are moved magnified to a television screen with the endocamera. Stones are usually broken down with pneumatic, ultrasonic or laser stone breakers.

Urethoroscopy (URS):  If the stones in the ureter channel do not fall or cannot be broken with ESWL, they can be treated by entering the urethra with the help of tools called ureteroscope. Ureteroscopes are devices with a diameter of 2.5-3 mm, a working channel along their length and a lens that provides the image. Rigid, i.e. hard ureteroscopes, the outer urinary tract and bladder are passed and entered into the ureter, and the stones are treated by breaking with Holmium laser or pneumatic stone breaker. Stones in the lower and middle ureters can be treated with these ureteroscopes. Flexible ureteroscopes, which can be bent, are used in the treatment of stones in both the upper ureter and pockets in the kidney called pools and calices, as their tips can be rotated in various directions and angles. After ureteroscopic stone treatment, patients are discharged to their home on the same day or one day later.

Can kidney stones fall out?

Stones under 5 mm can fall off spontaneously. Plenty of water and movement helps stones fall. It is possible to drop stones with the drug treatment that expands ureter channels. Stones over 5 mm are also dropped by operation.

Which doctor should I go for kidney stone?

You should go to the Urology doctor for kidney stones. What kind of treatment will be applied to the kidney stone is decided after the examinations and examinations to be performed by the urologist. Considering that there are also surgical methods in the treatment of kidney stones, it is important to choose an experienced urology doctor and a hospital with sufficient infrastructure in kidney stone operations

Will my children have kidney stones?

Some causes of kidney stone may be inherited. A person with kidney stones is more likely to have kidney stones in their child

What are the known mistakes about kidney stones?

Calcium foods, strawberries and nuts make stones: WRONG!
Stone formation in the person is genetic and can make any kind of food stone. Its precaution is to consume plenty of fluids.

Drinking a lot of water tires the kidneys: WRONG!
The ability of the kidneys to adjust fluid relative to the water entering the body is quite high. For this reason, excess liquid does not tire the kidney.

One cannot live with one kidney: WRONG!
It is even possible to live 100 years without a single kidney. There are thousands of such patients. As long as there is no disease that affects the kidney (high blood pressure, diabetes, stone, etc.), it is okay to live with one kidney.

Is the size of the stone important in lowering kidney stones?

Yes, it is important.


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