Pre-order PS5: start of PlayStation 5 pre-orders at the beginning of the week?

Pre-order PS5: start of PlayStation 5 pre-orders at the beginning of the week?

There are few products that attract as much attention to their release as the PS5. Pre-orders must therefore be quick to get a console in time for the release. After the beginning of the second half of 2020, it is therefore important to be careful. Rumor has it that you may be able to pre-order the PS5 on July 13th.

Update, July 14, 2020, 10:58 a.m .: July 13 is over and IronManPS5 has apparently made a mistake: The PlayStation 5 cannot currently be pre-ordered. Accordingly, there were negative reactions on Twitter. In a statement distributed by an employee, Leaker, who was recently not always accurate, commented on his latest mistake:

It insists that the pre-order phase will start “soon”. But things don’t always go exactly according to plan. I am aware that the “haters” are happy about it.

Update, July 13, 2020, 5:50 p.m .: New food for the rumor: On Reddit, some users are noticing that little by little product pages for the PS5 as well as accessories and games went online at Amazon Brazil and Australia. The German product page for PS5 has been available for some time. Nevertheless, this could be an indication that the preorder phase is really starting soon.

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The prominent leak experts who are currently working on the PS5 have not always been right lately. However, there were also some hits and so even arbitrary information about the start of the PlayStation 5 pre-orders should not be ignored. After all, it is very likely that the PS5 will be sold out very quickly at the start of the pre-orders.


PS5 again a target of eBay resellers?

The PlayStation 5 may be able to do what only a few products, such as a brand new iPhone, can do: It could be sold out for months in a very short time, even though it has not even landed on the shelf at the retailer’s. At this point, we leave it open whether tactics are behind it or the new components of the Sony console cannot yet be mass-produced.

However, if you want to pre-order the PS5 so that you can put it under the Christmas tree as a Christmas gift at the end of the year, we should really look around at the retailer of your choice. Already in April there were indications that the PlayStation 5, like its predecessors, could quickly sell out at the release – and that, to the displeasure of real gamers, will again develop into an eBay scandal.

PlayStation 5 could be released on November 20

One of the self-proclaimed experts who wants to know about the launch of the PS5 pre-orders is the Twitter user IronManPS5, according to which the sale of the new console should start on July 13, 2020. If that turns out to be correct, it would also give his forecast for the release of PlayStation 5 more ground. According to him, the console will appear on November 20, 2020. As you can read in our summary of all current information about the price of the PS5 and the different models, this fits well into the overall picture.