Lose Weight – 10 Weight Loss Tips

Lose Weight – 10 Weight Loss Tips

The fat tissue on the thighs and hips is creeping up, the kilos are steadily increasing. You notice slowly, you weigh too much and, as a precaution, no longer climb the hated scales. But at some point you can no longer look at yourself in the whole-body mirror without turning away bashfully.

You should do something !! Lose weight! But how?

It is so difficult to overcome the infamous “inner bastard” and eat less. “Eating less” is a joke in itself, especially since the ham-cheese bun doesn’t even deserve the word “meal” for lunch. The hunger in the evening is therefore only logical and justified. You say to yourself. But the evening meals bring the kilos …

But if you go on like this, you know very well, you will end up as a barrel and nobody likes this idea. But how can you manage to slim down and maintain the delicate shape permanently?

Diet instructions were and are like sand by the sea. However, what should be shown here today is not new wisdom, but a few valuable tips from a true success story.

Before you decide to do anything about your bacon rolls, you should really feel ready to do so. You can tell from the fact that after looking in the mirror you are already so moody that you simply want to change the situation without any ifs and buts. Without the inner, determined attitude and a specific goal in mind, you will always “fall over” and tip back into your old scheme.

Therefore, you have to motivate yourself and here are the tips:

Tip 1:
Put on a small notebook to write down all the food you eat throughout the day. Make it your business to eat lower-calorie products with less fat. Above all, avoid high-fat foods. A one-percent yogurt satisfies hunger just as well as a three-percent one and does not give your fat cells new food.

Tip 2:
Also pay attention to low-calorie products in the drinks. Drink tap water – preferably 3-4 liters a day. This can also reduce hunger and flush the toxins out of your body.

Tip 3:
Try to eat little or nothing at all in the evening. You will see how good you will feel the next morning. The stomach feels flatter and you are really hungry for an extensive breakfast.

Tip 4:
If you ever have a craving for something sweet, don’t completely refuse it. Treat yourself to one or two ribs of chocolate when you can’t stand it anymore. It is better to treat yourself to a little something now and then than after three weeks of extreme caste, you fall over a large bar of chocolate and completely destroy it. Then the guilty conscience is really big and in the end you throw away all good intentions and fall back into the old routine.

Tip 5:
Don’t forget to eat a balanced diet despite the reduced calorie diet. Balanced means to enrich the menu especially with vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other fiber-rich foods and not to eat “dead” calories in the form of ham and cheese rolls.

Tip 6:
Try to exercise two to three times a week. First, sports distract you from eating and once you’ve done something sporty, you’re not that hungry afterwards. If you are a lazy type, it is advisable to register in a fitness center. Even if you “only” sit on the exercise bike and pedal on it for 1 hour three times a week, that means effective calorie burning.

Tip 7:
Write these training hours in your notebook as well! You will see that this is extremely motivating and makes you proud after every training session. And as I said, if it is only three quarters of an hour or an hour on the exercise bike: it will work!

Tip 8:
So that you are not tempted to postpone sporting activities, it is advisable to make a note of the training days in your diary. E.g. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So you can prepare yourself early in the morning to go for an hour of training in the evening.

Tip 9:
It is best if you put your training bag in the car in the morning and drive straight from work to the fitness center. So it can not happen that you come home and after the short newspaper reading you get the knowledge that you don’t want to do anything for your body anymore … You can quickly find excuses to try to calm your own conscience. After all, the lawn needs to be mowed or the floor recessed …

The lawn and the floor can wait! Do something for yourself! In a few weeks you will receive the reward for your discipline!

Tip 10:
According to experts, you should not lose more than 1.5 kg within three weeks. Otherwise, if you lose weight more quickly, your overstretched skin will not be able to slowly recede.

Believe me: after a period of conscious eating, you learn to listen to your body whether you are really hungry or just want to eat out of boredom or habit.

With this method, the actor in my true success story has lost fourteen kilos within six months – and has been holding her new weight in size 36 for five years.

The right “bite” will help you to stay consistent over these months and your reward will literally be an “easier” life!

All in all, if you follow these tips, you will feel like a newborn after a few days and in a few weeks or months you will be able to see the result clearly. You will be asked how slim you have become – and you will shine!