In these places you can see whales and dolphins in Europe

In these places you can see whales and dolphins in Europe

A relaxed beach vacation is all well and good, but you lack the adventure factor? How about a whale watching? You don’t even have to travel far for this special experience.

The oceans of this world are home to many secrets and breathtaking creatures. Most people are denied a deep insight into the world below sea level. It is all the more exciting when the large marine mammals move to the water surface and we can even witness this natural spectacle. However, it is only possible to spot whales and dolphins in the wild in certain parts of the world.

And even if you lie in wait there, you still need some luck to see the rare animals. In order to increase your chances of such a special moment, the travel reporter shows you in six locations in Europe the likelihood of encountering whales and dolphins.

Sylt: Porpoises see off the coast

Surprise: You don’t have to travel far to get whales in front of the lens. Because the wonderful animals also live off the coast of the popular holiday island of Sylt. A total of 6,000 porpoises have set up off the west coast of Sylt. They are only two meters long, but not least because of their similarity to dolphins they offer a beautiful sight.

If you want to watch the whales, you often don’t even need a boat, because they come quite close to the shore and have already got in the way of one or the other swimmer. They are not dangerous. If you want to get a little closer to them, you can alternatively book a boat tour in the whale reserve.

Canary Islands: Off to the whale watching

The Canary Islands are not only the perfect place for a relaxing beach holiday, but also a great starting point for whale watching tours. Tenerife and La Gomera are particularly suitable for this, as there are 28 species of whales and dolphins living in the waters off the islands.

So if you are interested in the world of the impressive marine mammals, you can draw on the Canary Islands from the full and admire sperm whales, pilot whales or pilot whales up close from the land or boat.