How to become a blogger on Instagram?

How to become a blogger on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Influencers earn substantial sums from their contributions. This is why many are asking themselves: How do you become a blogger on Instagram? These tips tell you.

How to become a blogger on Instagram?

If you want to blog on Instagram and become a real Instagram influencer, the first thing you need is a topic. Think about what you want to post on Instagram and stick with it. Your potential followers want to know what to expect if they are to follow you. To register on Instagram, you need an email address or a phone number and a password, and you’re good to go.


When choosing your username, you should be as creative as possible. Keep in mind that the username plays a role in Instagram search. This means that if you are active on a certain topic on Instagram, you should try to include an important keyword in your username. The keyword (= keyword) describes what your feed is about. For example, many Instagram photographers use the English word “photography” in their username. If an Instagrammer enters “photography” in the search, Instagram users are suggested to them, whose username contains precisely this word. You see that a wise choice brings advantages and, at best, draws potential followers to your attention.

You should not add special characters such as an underscore to user names. This increases the risk of confusion and is particularly annoying if you would be tagged incorrectly by one of the countless feature accounts.

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become an Instagram influencer. Without follow / unfollow, but with the methods of successful influencers.

Profile picture with recognition value

Successful Instagram bloggers make sure that their profile is appealing to new followers. You only have a few seconds to convince someone to follow you. Your profile picture should have a high recognition value and match your topic. If you are a travel blogger, choose a picture that shows you against a great backdrop, blog ,about, fitness, show a picture of yourself in the gym etc. Do not change your profile picture too often, otherwise you might lose likes. Your followers recognize your posts on the profile picture and often tap the red heart almost automatically.

If you plan to blog on Instagram completely anonymously, this can work, but it will be much harder to gain followers. Bloggers on Instagram who become influencers rarely run their profile anonymously. Your own personality and close contact with your own followers often make a significant contribution to becoming a brand yourself. Feature accounts are the exception here.

Appealing biography

There are 150 characters available for your bio. Since whole sentences usually exceed the character limit, you should use a few meaningful keywords to describe yourself and your account. Don’t waste space by just writing your name in the bio. Don’t tell too much about yourself. In the bio it is important to tell people what to expect if they follow you. Make the topic of your Instagram blog clear. Use some emojis to loosen things up a bit.

If you are not just a blogger on Instagram and have your own website, you can enter your URL in an extra field. This appears directly below your bio text. If you publish a post, you can refer to the clickable link in your Instagram bio in the image description.

Now that you’ve filled out your Instagram profile, it’s time for the first pictures. I recommend that you post some pictures before you start following or liking their posts. An empty feed is not very appealing.

Become a successful blogger on Instagram – the multiplication table


Make sure that you only publish high-quality pictures on Instagram. You don’t have to be a professional photographer with the right equipment, but your camera should meet today’s standards. The cameras of many smartphones are completely sufficient if they are in the higher price range. For example, a newer iPhone or Samsung model.

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

Nothing works on Instagram without hashtags. If you want to be successful as a blogger on Instagram, hashtags are essential. A picture without hashtags has little chance of being seen. There are apps like TagsforLikes that help you find hashtags on your topic. However, these should only serve as a guide for getting started. Search for hashtags that match your pictures thematically on Instagram and create a list. You should be careful not only to use very popular hashtags with millions of entries. Your pictures stay at the top for a very short time and quickly disappear from the sight of other Instagramers. Particularly important: Use hashtags that describe what can be seen in your picture so that the right followers can find them. Local hashtags like #italy or #rom shouldn’t be missing either.

Tip: Use English hashtags! Instagram is used internationally

Like and comment

It takes more than hashtags to generate followers as a blogger on Instagram. Your rise to the influencer is paved with likes and comments. You should like pictures of other Instagrammer from your target group every day. Use your hashtag list for this. This is how you find accounts that publish pictures on your topic. In addition to red hearts, meaningful comments help to make other Instagrammer aware of you. This way you will find Instagrammer who are interested in the same topic as you.

Tip: Numerous spammers are also up to mischief on Instagram. Delete comments that are clearly recognizable as spam. Otherwise you will quickly get the impression that you do not take sufficient care of your Instagram profile.

Follow other Instagramers

Follow the accounts you like. So you can generate backfollows and / or get likes for your pictures. In the beginning, make sure that the accounts you follow follow more people than the other way around. They are also building their profile and are more willing to follow you.

Tip: In the beginning you will follow significantly more people than vice versa. This mismatch is normal for Instagram bloggers in the beginning. Still, you shouldn’t overdo it. If you follow several thousand people and you only have two hundred, your account looks dubious. To prevent this, you should occasionally follow those who don’t follow you back.


Instagram is very keen to identify spammers. So you shouldn’t exaggerate and follow a lot of people in a short time. follow again. In this article, you will learn how to avoid Instagram blocking. I recommend that you go well below the numbers mentioned at the beginning to be on the safe side.


The tips mentioned so far are of no use to you if you are not a regular blogger on Instagram. Think about how often you want to post a picture. I recommend posting a daily contribution. If this is not possible, consider how often and on which days you want to share an amount on Instagram. Followers love reliability. If you let the whole thing grind too long, you will be forgotten and the dream of a successful blogger on Instagram is quickly over.


Answer every comment and every direct message! If someone makes the effort to leave a comment or send you a message, ALWAYS honor the answer. In contrast to other social networks, dealing with Instagram is very polite. If you fall out of line or don’t care about your followers, you won’t have them for long.

Become a successful blogger on Instagram – advanced


To make your account better known, you can connect your Instagram profile to Facebook and Co. This way, every picture that you publish on Instagram is automatically shared in the respective network. This increases the number of people who see your contribution. It is also worthwhile to advertise your Instagram profile offline. Create business cards with your profile name and tell everyone you’re a blogger on Instagram.

Instagram challenges

Participate regularly on Instagram challenges. There are numerous so-called feature accounts on Instagram that select a winning picture every day and share it on their own page (“feature”). Such accounts come in all sizes, from a few followers to a number in the millions. To take part in an Instagram challenge, you must use the associated hashtag. You can usually find this in the bio or in the post announcing the challenge. Here you will find feature accounts for your travel photos. In addition, large brands organize photo competitions on a specific topic. Look for it and participate if the challenge matches your blog topic.

Instagram stories and live videos

The Instagram stories are very popular and a way to become better known as a blogger on Instagram. Use the stories regularly. This allows you to focus on important, interesting or special moments that fit your topic for 24 hours. In the story highlights you can display individual photos etc. of your story in your profile in the long term. In addition to the story function, you should also use live videos. Let your followers participate in your life, involve them and build a personal connection.

Business profile

Switch to a business profile. As a blogger on Instagram, you will receive statistics on your profile and can better assess your followers. Anyone can switch to Instagram business. The only requirement is a fan page on Facebook, which you can connect to your Instagram profile. If you later find out that a company profile is not your thing, you can deactivate your Instagram business account again.

Become a successful blogger on Instagram – what you should leave

Buy followers

It’s not easy to get followers and become an Instagram influencer. In search of tips, Instagrammer quickly stumble across the opportunity to buy followers. There are several thousand followers for little money and the temptation is great. Even if it is frowned upon among Instagramers to buy followers, many still do it. Good advice: stay away! Buying followers is the best way to end your influencer career before it starts. The reasons:

  • You usually get real followers. However, these remain inactive. They don’t like and comment on your posts. If you then compare the number of your followers with your likes, the follower purchase is quickly revealed.
  • You end your influencer career before it begins. It is very easy for companies to determine whether a blogger has bought followers on Instagram. The real number of your followers is easy to understand with websites like InfluencerDB. Only real followers have value for possible cooperation partners