Holiday in Sweden: This means lifting the travel warning

Holiday in Sweden: This means lifting the travel warning

Good news for Sweden fans: after weeks of persistence, the Federal Foreign Office is lifting the travel warning for the country. The travel reporter explains what this means for German vacationers in 2020.

The Federal Foreign Office has lifted the travel warning for Sweden. Only relevant information remains. The country was the last EU country for which a reference of this kind by the German government still applied.

The local Covid 19 location is responsible for the change. Because the number of new infections, which was still high in June, has been falling steadily since the beginning of July, according to the State Department – despite a still high test level. There are still only regional focal points, for example in Gävleborg and Jönköping.

A travel warning is not a ban, but in the past representatives of the tourism industry have largely stopped operating. Now that a vacation in Sweden is easily possible again, the industry is starting up. This also has consequences for vacationers. The travel reporter answers the most important questions.

Holiday in Sweden: Which rules apply now upon entry?

After weeks of standstill, all border crossings in the country are open. Accordingly, there are numerous ferry and flight connections. For the time being, entry restrictions are a thing of the past for citizens of the EU, Switzerland, their family members and holders of EU residence permits. This also applies to the transit and onward journey.

But be careful: restrictions still apply in some neighboring target countries. For example, Norway and Finland continue to prevent entry from Sweden.

And as great as the joy is: the fact that the travel warning ceases to apply does not mean that the Federal Foreign Office does not have the option to reactivate it. Because Sweden does not meet the requirements, for example the protection of tourists, the German authority reacts. The same applies to the dynamic development of the Covid 19 cases. The rule of thumb applies here: a maximum of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants are fine.

Vacation 2020: Which corona rules apply in Sweden?

There are no travel restrictions or curfews in Sweden. Public transport is gradually ramping up operations.

Those who are symptom-free have the opportunity to move freely in the country. But those who show signs of coronavirus infection are encouraged to isolate themselves and go to the nearest health center. Alternatively, there is telephone support for medical information.

There is no obligation to wear gloves or a mask. Instead, Sweden relies on social distancing, i.e. the deliberate spatial separation of people. In the best case, holidaymakers keep their distance from all people who are not part of their own household. Accordingly, there is a ban on meetings: a gathering of over 50 people is prohibited.

An approach that is also reflected in the guidelines for public spaces. In addition to distance arrangements, there is a ban on bars in restaurants. Only table service is allowed. After all, accommodation facilities such as campsites and hotels are open with restrictions. Museums and amusement parks remain tight for the time being.

Fear of Corona: is it possible to cancel free of charge?

By canceling the travel warning, a free cancellation of the holiday is no longer possible. Because the pure fear of an infection with the corona virus is not sufficient as a reason, as travel lawyer Paul Degott explains. A reason for resignation is something that is related to a person, for example the fire in a house, the death of a loved one or a hospital stay.

Conversely, this means that even potential holidaymakers who have to be quarantined due to contact with an infected person are not entitled to reimbursement of the costs. In this case, however, concerned travelers have the opportunity to contact the organizer.