Dead body of Naya Rivera discovered?

Dead body of Naya Rivera discovered?

On Wednesday, US actress Naya Rivera disappears while bathing with her son. The four-year-old boy is later discovered alone on a boat. When looking for his 33-year-old mother, the emergency services now find a body.

In the search for the missing US actress Naya Rivera, the emergency services discovered a body. The body is currently being recovered from a lake in California, the sheriff in charge said on Twitter and announced a press conference. It was initially not confirmed that it was the body of the “Glee” actress, who had been missing since Wednesday.

The 33-year-old had rented a boat on Wednesday to go swimming with her little son in Lake Piru, northwest of Los Angeles, according to police. Hours later, occupants of another boat found the four-year-old sleeping on board alone, there was no trace of the mother.

Get off for a swim

According to US reports, the boy testified that his mother got out of the boat to swim and did not return. Since then, rescue workers have searched for the TV star with divers, drones, boats and helicopters, initially without success. The authorities assumed her death.

A look at Rivera’s Instagram page revealed that she posted a picture with her child just before she disappeared. You can see how the actress nestles her cheek to that of the boy. She wrote: “Only the two of us.” It is unclear exactly when the photo was taken. However, it cannot be ruled out that it was only shot during the boat trip.

In the popular musical television series “Glee”, California-born Rivera played the bitchy and intriguing cheerleader Santana Lopez, who falls in love with a classmate, but hides her feelings behind beastliness and arrogance. For the actress, who had previously been sporadically seen in series such as “The Prince of Bel-Air”, “Baywatch” or “CSI: Miami”, it was her most important commitment to date.