Car care made easy – the best tips for beginners

Car care made easy – the best tips for beginners

Car care is a necessary evil for some, for some their favorite pastime. Whether you like to clean your car or not, one thing is certain: it is a commodity that wears out quickly without care. The trunk is loaded, things are transported and unloaded – only the traces of this use remain. In addition, there are often bad weather conditions and stubborn dirt such as bird droppings, pollen and insect droppings. With the following tips and tricks for proper car care, you can quickly remove dirt on the paintwork and in the car interior.

How to wash your car properly

Car washing is the most common measure to visually bring the car back into shape. Vehicle cleaning is a must, especially in winter. Wetness, road salt and dirt form an aggressive crust that attacks paint and body. Metal parts tend to rust, which quickly eats into the deepest corners. The same applies to summer, when bird droppings and pollen endanger the body and require thorough car care.

In order to free your car from dirt layers on the outside, you do not have to visit the car wash every week and pay for the expensive full cleaning. A regular short shower of the body from top to bottom under the water jet of the high-pressure cleaner serves its purpose and flushes away the coarse dirt.

Only after you have removed the coarse dirt should you use a sponge and car shampoo and clean the vehicle thoroughly with soap foam from top to bottom. If you did not clear the vehicle of sand and mud at first, you would scratch the paint, glass and metal surfaces while scrubbing.

Let the foam take effect for a short time and then rinse it off with a hose. If the car is in the sun, you should rub the paint dry with a microfiber cloth. Otherwise unsightly stains will form. You can also take a lap by car to speed up drying. The airstream drives every drop of water out of the finest cracks.

Care for the car rims

At the latest when the tires are changed seasonally, the rims should also be washed for comprehensive car care. Because damage, such as cracks, often goes undetected under road dirt. There are special rim cleaners for the rims of a vehicle.

Tip: Many of the rim cleaners promise cleaning without the hassle of scrubbing – but an elongated brush and plenty of clear water are recommended for rinsing. Sharp cleaning agents endanger the paint.

Cleaning car paint: the supreme discipline of car care

The layer of paint on modern vehicles is about as thick as a fingernail. Therefore, you should be very careful when cleaning the paintwork. Because with every polish you remove a thin layer of varnish. It is important that you clean the car well before polishing. Grains of dust would leave bad car scratches on the sensitive surface.

Only process the paint with the cleaning clay after thorough cleaning. This collects every dirt particle, even those that are already stuck deeper in the paint. Finally, you can carefully polish the paint to a high gloss.

Interior cleaning of the car

If the car shines and shines from the outside, care and hygiene are on the inside. Sticky fittings and greasy windows are easy to clean. You don’t need expensive products or complicated care accessories. Usually, normal household remedies are sufficient to care for the car interior: vacuum cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, microfiber cloth, feather duster, possibly leather care and polishing sponges. As in the house, the basic principle in car care is: don’t wipe too wet! This quickly has a negative impact on the electronics.

Finally, you can also use odor removers. You can find these in every drugstore or supermarket. If the engine is checked for leaves and dirt and fresh windscreen wipers are added, your car can be seen again.