Camping tips for beginners

Camping tips for beginners

Are you dreaming of a vacation where you can enjoy unlimited independence? By being absolutely free to choose where you want to sleep and go? Have you always wanted to be close to nature but still have your own roof over your head?

Then it is time to say goodbye to the package tour and the all-inclusive hotel, because a new adventure is waiting for you: camping! We have put together the most important camping tips for beginners so that nothing stands in the way of your camping adventure. In addition to these tips, you can download our beginner camping guide. Here you will find compact information on more than 100 pages, from technical tips to road trip ideas or packing lists. So you are well prepared for your first trip with the camper.

Camping tip for beginners # 1: where to go?

Admittedly, the decision to go on vacation with a motorhome can be a real overcoming for some. Have you always spent your holidays in a hotel and enjoyed an extensive breakfast buffet in the morning? And now you should camp in the great outdoors, without running water and room service? Exactly! Because if you don’t think it is possible yet, it can be the most relaxing and exciting vacation you have ever had!

However, you should have carefully considered the trip and above all the exact travel destination in advance. Because for the first camping holiday, the right holiday destination is crucial so that you can actually enjoy the trip to the fullest.

You are completely free and independent in choosing your holiday destination – after all, there are campsites all over the country, on the continent and beyond. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you trust our camping tips for beginners: Don’t just start off on your first holiday in a motorhome, but think carefully about your route and the destination you want to head for. Call the respective campsite that you like best after doing your first research to book a place, because especially in the high season and at very popular holiday resorts it often happens that many campsites are already fully booked.

In addition, when planning your route, you should take care not to aim for too many stages and stops, as an overloaded travel plan can quickly turn into stress – exactly the opposite of a relaxing holiday. Because there is one thing you shouldn’t forget: with a motorhome or caravan you can go a lot slower on the highway.

So here is probably the most valuable of all camping tips for beginners: take time for your trip and planning it! Don’t overdo yourself with too many goals or long stages, but instead visit fewer places that you can enjoy much more intensely.

Camping tip for beginners # 2: caravan or motorhome?

In fact, the decision whether to go with a caravan or rather a motorhome is not unimportant. Therefore, here are some camping tips for beginners that you should consider when you go on a nature trip for several days:

First of all, you have to ask yourself how mobile you want to be during your vacation. A caravan is particularly useful when you want to discover as much of the surrounding area as you want and you want to travel a lot with your vehicle. So you can simply park the caravan on the pitch and explore the neighboring cities with your car completely freely – without constantly having the annoying problem of finding a parking space.

A motorhome cannot simply be uncoupled because the driver’s cabin and living room and bedroom belong together. While the motorhome is usually much more spacious and therefore often more comfortable in terms of equipment, you always have to take it with you for excursions. It is therefore particularly suitable for trips where you change campsites more often, such as a round trip through a country of your choice or trips along a coast with breathtaking spots. If you are traveling with a particularly large motorhome, it may be that it has an integrated garage in which a small Smart fits. Or you rent a manoeuvrable van, such as the T6 California from VW – so you can be as flexible as possible, even in small places with winding streets and alleys, despite the camper van.

Therefore our camping tip for beginners: Think carefully about what you want to experience during your trip and for what purposes your vehicle should be designed accordingly. If you are aware of your plans and needs, you can optimally decide whether a caravan or rather a motorhome would better suit you and your trip.

Camping tip for beginners # 3: Familiarize yourself with the technology before departure

Motorhomes and caravans are small masterpieces: they contain the most important things in the smallest of spaces. Our third camping tip for beginners is so that you can make the best possible use of all the modules that are integrated inside the motorhome or caravan: Before you leave, find out exactly how everything works in the vehicle. The best thing to do is to ask your landlord directly, because they are of course very familiar with their vehicle.

Probably the most important points that you have to find out in advance are the camper’s driving behavior, the use of gas in the stove and heating, the use and emptying of the camping toilet and the filling and disposal of the water tank. Most campers, for example, have a gas stove, so that you should know where the gas bottles are stored and how to connect them. Also, find out where the power and water connections are.

And another camping tip for beginners that must be followed so that you can enjoy your night’s sleep: Let us show you how to secure the vehicle so that it has a firm footing even on uneven terrain and you don’t have to sleep in the slope .

Camping tip for beginners # 4: the art of proper packing

Have you decided on your travel destination, maybe even already booked a parking space and know how to operate your caravan or motorhome correctly? Then you can start packing your things, because there are some valuable camping tips for beginners that we don’t want to keep from you. For example, we show in our packing list for camping what you need to take with you or in our list for basic motorhome equipment what your motorhome should have on board.

First of all: try to reduce yourself and pack only the bare minimum. Avoid packing anything that might be irrelevant: If there is a shortage of laundry, many campsites have washing machines that you can use for a small fee. Instead, think of things that you rarely need during a holiday in a hotel: washing utensils, a grill, a stable cord for hanging up the laundry and of course a few board games for fun on the go. Many of these things are already included when renting a motorhome via PaulCamper – so ask beforehand how the equipment of your vehicle is. Be sure to pack toilet paper, flashlights, and plastic dishes that can withstand bumpy rides. Depending on the region, mosquito spray is recommended.

Other important camping tips for beginners: Cleverly distribute your luggage inside the caravan so that it is loaded as evenly as possible. Also pay attention to the permissible total weight to avoid overloading. This saves you from restless driving behavior on the road and a high fine when checking. And secure loose objects correctly so that they do not fly through the interior of the car and cause damage when driving.

Camping tip for beginners # 5: eat at the campsite

Now it is almost there: The bags are packed and the anticipation is at its peak, only one not insignificant thing is still missing – namely the food. When camping, you have to take care of your own meals. There are usually small shops and numerous restaurants on campsites. So that you don’t spend so much money on food during your vacation, it is advisable to buy canned goods beforehand. You can then heat them up on the small hob inside the caravan. If this is not part of the technical equipment, you should take care of getting a gas stove beforehand, on which you can then prepare your dishes.

Here is an important camping tip for beginners: stick to the simplest camping recipes with few ingredients. Usually you only have two hot plates available, which make the cooking of more complex dishes a strategically difficult act. So before you leave, stock up on a few basic staples that you can quickly prepare, such as pasta, rice, soups, or stews.

And another camping tip for beginners: Stroll through the local supermarkets on site. Here you will find delicious ingredients that you have probably never tried before.

Camping tip for beginners # 6: Take a compact manual for beginners with you

As is well known, caution is better than forbearance. That’s why you should take our 6th tip for camping beginners very seriously. A small helpful manual about camping for beginners should not be missing on your first trip. We have put together a beginner’s guide for you, which will inform you on over 100 pages about delicious camping recipes, ideas for road trips, tips for driving with large vehicles and many check and packing lists.

Forget your paper chaos on which you wrote down your preparations for camping. In the compact e-book you will find everything you need to know at a glance. Simply download for free and the anticipation can begin.

Camping tip for beginners # 7: have fun and enjoy!

Probably the most important camping tip for beginners: let go and enjoy the time! Switch off, leave your cell phone in your pocket and enjoy nature – because you won’t get that close in everyday life. Try your hand at fishing or make a bonfire. Go hiking, explore the surroundings and get to know the flora and fauna of your holiday destination. The relaxation that you find here will ground you again and reflect on the essentials.

So pack your hiking shoes and go into nature! Whether with a caravan, camper or just a tent – an adventure trip is waiting for you that you will never forget. And thanks to our camping tips for beginners, you are well prepared for this. Attention, addiction!