7 Tricks & Tips For Solar Sailing Planning

7 Tricks & Tips For Solar Sailing Planning

Are you planning to shade your terrace, garden or balcony with an awning? We want to give you seven important tips that you should pay attention to in advance.

Tip 1: Plan your sun sail system with enough lead time and rest

Ask yourself: Which material should be used? Which masts are the right ones? And which sail fabric should it be: permeable to water or rainproof?

At best, start planning and setting up before the hot days so that you have your optimal shade in the summer.

Tip 2: Pay attention to where your concrete foundation should be based

If you want to set a concrete foundation or use a screw foundation to install your masts, poles or posts, make sure you get deep enough when installing your system.

But be careful: Do not damage any water, electricity or gas pipes in the ground.

Tip 3: plan what time it should be shady

Keep in mind that two important factors are important in determining the shade area of ​​your sun sail: the time and the season.

When planning, make sure that you determine the shade of your sun sail at the time and season at which you want to be protected from the sun in the best possible way in the future.

We have prepared detailed video instructions for determining the shadow area for you.

Tip 4: Make sure that your sun sail system is flexible and comfortable

Would you like the greatest possible comfort when it comes to shadows and rain protection and flexibility in planning?

If you use sun sails with high-performance webbing, you can also easily use height-adjustable masts and poles.

Tip 5: Would you like to use sun sails with a steel cable running all around?

Plan with much more time and rest, since these systems are permanently installed and afterwards they can no longer be adapted to the course of the sun and can be adjusted for rain drainage. Once the concrete foundations and wall fastenings have been set, the system can only be converted with great effort.

Tip 6: Should it be a standard size sun sail or a custom sail?

With a standard size awning, the conditions of your place of burial – for example the terrace, the garden, the balcony or the kindergarten – must match the dimensions of the sail.

With a sun sail made to measure, your sail is based on the special requirements at your location and your wishes and individual ideas. Consider carefully: quality sails in standard sizes are cheaper and some of them can be delivered directly. Custom-made sun sails take more and more time and are more expensive, but in the end you have your sail in the size and shape you want.

Tipp 7: Wie windig ist Ihr Standort?

Make sure that there are high wind forces at the selected location. Wind is less problematic for air-permeable canvas or roll-up systems than for large, fixed, waterproof awnings. In principle, however, you should secure all types of sails on windy terraces with load-bearing attachment points or alternatively use two smaller sails instead of a large-area sail.