6 free and spectacular accommodations worldwide

6 free and spectacular accommodations worldwide

For a place to sleep in Paris or New York you have to dig deep into your pocket – but that doesn’t have to be the case! We present nine free accommodations that should be on your travel list.

Traveling around the world can be expensive, and flying and sleeping are usually the most expensive. So how cool is it that there are accommodations where you can stay for free? And we’re not talking about the hard couch in any shared apartment, but about luxury hotels in trendy cities.

We present nine spectacular and free accommodations to you – from the bookshop in the old town of Paris to the snow hut in Alaska.

1. Historic bookshop in Paris

This free accommodation should be of particular interest to bookworms and bookworms. We are talking about the historic bookshop Shakespeare and Company in the heart of Paris. Since 1951, writers and those who would like to become one can stay there for free.

Some beds are hidden between the bookshelves. There is an apartment above the shop, which can also be used as part of the “Tumbleweeds program“. In return, the guests help a few hours a day in the bookstore and write a page about themselves every day for the founder’s archive.

Historic bookshop in Paris - Accommodations worldwide

So far, around 30,000 writers have stayed in the corridors of the Paris bookshop.

Photo: Kiren / Shakespeare and Company

2. Bed and Breakfast in Italy

Mamma mia: In Italy there are numerous hosts who offer a free bed and breakfast in exchange for support. Helping hands are sought every November for the “Barter Week“.

The hosts need help with various things: the production of olive oil, the knitting of socks or the food blogging in their own restaurant. However, some are also open and are simply happy to have a visitor who can help them in the household.

As a rule, you can apply to the respective hosts from summer. If your offer is accepted, you can immediately pack your bags and set off – for example to Sicily or Tuscany.

Bed and Breakfast in Italy - accommodations worldwide

Skip the winter in Germany and spend it in beautiful Italy instead? The “Barter Week” makes it possible.

Photo: unsplash / Gabriel Kiener

3. Artist hotel in New York

Artists and writers can stay for free at the Ace Hotel in New York. The hotel in Midtown is reminiscent of a large studio with a living room feeling. During the night from Sunday to Monday, some rooms are kept free for creative people, who can stay in exchange for a piece of art for the hotel without paying for it.

If you don’t feel like painting, drawing or designing, you can just write. Writers can also look forward to a free stay. In return, they have to write an open letter, which is then placed in the bed of other hotel guests.

The Ace Hotel in New York works with renowned artists.

Photo: Ace Hotel / Katharina

4. Artist hotel in Shanghai

Another art hotel is the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai. The house in the largest city in China offers well-known and unknown artists from all over the world the chance to apply for a free stay – breakfast included.

The artists are selected by an international committee and are allowed to live in one of the 18 apartments in the building for three to six months to live and work there. At the end of the stay, a piece of art is to be created that can embellish the hotel and be exhibited in the virtual museum.

Artist hotel in Shanghai - accommodations worldwide

Shanghai is a colorful mixture of modern and traditional China – just like the art in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

Photo: Swatch Art Peace Hotel

5. Spa hotel in Brazil

The Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa is a historic hotel, half of the many small houses are at least 500 years old. The extraordinary hotel, which offers free overnight stays for artists and creative people, is located in Porto Seguro in Brazil.

In the 1970s, the Trancoso district became a paradise for artists who left Brazil’s big cities. This tradition continues today: creative people can spend two to four weeks in the spa hotel free of charge. The only condition: you should create a work of art from local materials.

Spa hotel in Brazil - accommodations worldwide

In the Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa you are surrounded by lonely dream beaches and lush rainforests.

Photo: Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa

6. Luxury hotel in Doha

The Marriott Marquis Hotel in Doha, the capital of Qatar, works with Qatar Airways. Passengers on the airline can spend the night in the luxury hotel free of charge. Up to two adults and one child under the age of eleven can take advantage of the offer and take in the desert air.

With or without a stopover – Qatar is definitely worth a trip. You can get tips for your vacation from us personally from the ambassador. By the way: Other airlines also offer free or discounted hotel stays for stopovers, just inform them on the website.

Luxury hotel in Doha - accommodations worldwide

Das Marriott Marquis Hotel liegt im Zentrum der modernen Metropole, die sich entlang der Bucht von Doha erstreckt.

Photo: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel