2021 Gift ideas for your girlfriend for Christmas

2021 Gift ideas for your girlfriend for Christmas

Regardless of whether the girlfriend’s next birthday is coming up, Christmas or another occasion is just around the corner, the search for a great gift is a difficult task for many, but it’s not that difficult, there are so many nice gift ideas.

Would you like to do something good for your girlfriend and surprise her with a great gift? Then you should take a closer look at the gift ideas put together here. Depending on the point at which you are in the relationship, different gifts come into question, of course, the preferences of the partner should be taken into account, what does she like to do, is she sporty, funny, chaotic or more adventurous?

Nice things that can beautify everyday life are one variant and possibility, another variant are the gifts that kidnap the girlfriend or both of you from everyday life. After we put together gift ideas for your friend for the last time, things are already starting today for your loved one. Have fun!

1-Telephone receiver for cell phones

Girls usually love to talk on the phone, which is exactly why a retro telephone receiver is a great and fun thing to give as a birthday present. The telephone receiver can be connected to all common smartphones and you can then make calls via the telephone receiver without any interference.

The quality of the calls is perfect and it is really fun to have conversations in the traditional way. In addition to the fun factor, there is also a positive health aspect, especially when longer phone calls are made frequently, because connecting the telephone receiver keeps the radiation from the smartphone further away from the head without reducing the quality of the transmission.

Telephone receiver for cell phones


2. Drive a motorboat

Does your girlfriend like to be outdoors and sunbathe by or on the water? In this case, how about a trip on a motorboat? You are guaranteed to have a river or a larger lake nearby where you can drive a motorboat.

It is no bigger problem to book such a boat trip, give a gift and you can be sure that if the weather cooperates, the motorboat trip is great fun and an unforgettable birthday present. Depending on which offer you choose, you can either steer the boat yourself or let yourself be chauffeured across the water.

Pack a few small snacks and something to drink and enjoy the day together, that sounds good, or what do you think?

drive a motor boat gift ideas

Interesting gift ideas for chistmas

3. Magical sakura tree

If it is to be a fancy and decorative birthday present, the magical sakura tree could be the right choice. The miniature trees are made of paper and can be set up with a few light movements.

If you then water the trees with some “magical” water, the tree slowly begins to bloom, after a few hours the tree will bloom in full splendor and thus become a real eye-catcher.

Magical sakura tree

4. Cat hat

Richoose Knitted Hat Women Winter Knitted Hat Hat Women Fashion Wool Cute Cat Ears Knit Beanie Hats, Black
Clothes are practically always well received, in connection with a cute cat motif, because hardly anything can go wrong, a creative and nice Christmas present. Warm, chic and cute in one, the hat will win you over to every woman.

Cozy and comfortable to wear, the new hat may quickly become a daily companion for your girlfriend. Due to the cat ears, the hat is an eye-catcher and will quickly attract the attention of others.

5. Pearl mirror battery power bank

Powerbank Mirror for Women Gifts – 1600mAh Mini External Battery, Makeup Mirror with LED Lighting – Gifts for Women – Best Friend Gift – Valentine’s Gift – Gift for Mom (Gold) [Found for € 15.98 here on Amazon.de]
The smartphone and some cosmetic items can practically always be found in the girls’ handbags. With the power bank mirror you can expand your girlfriend’s “marching pack” with two extremely useful items.

Most of us use our smartphones quite often and therefore require a correspondingly large amount of power, the power bank offers the necessary power reserve when you are on the road for a little longer.

At other times, the girls like to check from time to time whether the make-up and hair are still looking good, and then the little mirror is the perfect helper. With the LED lighting, the mirror can also be used in the evening or at night.

Pearl mirror battery power bank

6. Cooking for Beginners

Spending time together is particularly important for many, maybe a cooking class would be a nice idea? Learning a little about cooking together and preparing something together is fun and then you can eat together and end the evening romantically.

Maybe a new shared hobby will develop through such a course? If you want to ensure that you have even more fun taking part in such a course, just ask friends and family if someone else would like to take part, the whole thing is even more fun in good company.

Cooking for Beginners

7. Wine gift box: 5 pcs. The sommelier set is a different kind of Christmas present

This gift box is a nice gift idea for a real wine lover. The box contains a high-quality bottle of wine and the necessary tools to open the wine and pour it in style.

The box is made of fine, light bamboo wood and, as already mentioned, contains a set which sommeliers also used. A waiter’s knife, a spout, a so-called bottle collar, the wine thermometer and the stainless steel bottle stopper make enjoying wine a very special experience.

The box can also be used as a decoration.

The sommelier set is a different kind of Christmas present

8. Thomas Sabo Ladies Charm Bracelet

Jewelery is never wrong, and Thomas Sabo bracelets are no exception. On the high-quality nylon bracelet there are, for example, pendants made of 925 sterling silver, the sterling silver is decorated with attractive zirconia stones.

A great timeless design, exudes elegance and timeless beauty. The bracelets are available in many combinations; Bracelets, chains, watches and much more can be found in the extensive range from Thomas Sabo.

Thomas Sabo Ladies Charm Bracelet

9. Photo clip fairy lights

Photos of the joint ventures are not only a nice memory, but also a great gift, depending on how they are presented. The photo clip light chain puts your photos in the right light and is beautiful to look at.

Thanks to the battery operation, the fairy lights can be used anywhere, and the remote control supplied with the device offers a variety of buttons to set brightness, color, timer and much more. A nice gift which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Photo clip fairy lights

10. Candlelight dinner for two

A romantic meal is a birthday present that you can also get something from, eat together and enjoy a few romantic hours. A gift idea that will always be well received as a Christmas present.

Maybe there is an old castle or an estate near you that offers such a candlelight dinner? A special ambience enhances such an evening many times over, so take courage and you can start looking for the right location.

Candlelight dinner for two